Keep your data on your own server

Stay in control and keep your sovereignity. Your projects and data are yours.
Using Novolix® on your own server lets you keep your sovereignity and still use your website like a cloud based software as a service.

Software Features

Simple project management

The best project planning solution is the one your team actually uses.
Acceptance through an easy user interface and features that really make you more productive are the key to dynamic and interactive team work.
Try out our cloud based invoicing and task management solution Calculetti® for free.

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Filesharing: we offer a solution that works

Upload in no time

Simply drag and drop your media files to upload. Automatic audio and video conversion ensures cross-browser compatible HTML5 playback of your media files.

Automated sharing in a team

Control who can see your data. Let your customers and team members directly upload files to your projects without logging in - via our innovative upload passports.

Virtual Reality Studio Berlin

Alway interested in the unknown, we are currently exploring the revolutionary possibilities of Virtual Reality. In our VR Studio Berlin we create immersive, fictional worlds that you can touch.

VR Studio Berlin