Software für echte Zusammenarbeit


Novolix® is a content management system for managing all content on your website - and much more. Here is an excerpt of the most important features that Novolix® offers:

  • Content Management System
    Manage all contents of your website (with many features for search engine optimization - SEO)
  • User profiles with photos
    with customizable profile information and organizable into different categories
  • Search masks individually configurable
    targeted search for information in user profiles, website contributions, addresses, invoices, etc.
  • Invoicing and CRM
    with CSV export features to provide your accountant with
  • PDF creation
    automatic creation of PDF invoices
  • Emailing invoices
    your customers can choose between receiving them by mail or email
  • Newsletter Administration
    with group newsletters, HTML / text version
  • Project management
    with task lists, calendar and commenting features
  • CALDAV calendar interface
    to synchronize your calendar entries with your favorite calendar server
  • File management
    with upload via drag & drop; Integration of Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud;
  • Server-side data conversion of audio and video data
    to provide versions for different devices and browsers and to enable barrier-free direct playback
  • Anonymous uploads and downloads
    through secret passport links with expiration date
  • File sharing between users and projects
    easy sharing of files between your users
  • Asymmetric encryption
    account information, database and system backups

How did Novolix® come about?

Everything started out with the need for a software that really fits our needs. As we weren't able to find anything satisfying, we started to develop our own code - now simpifying our every day work.

Also, the ability to be able to convert our own data in everyway we like to, was very important to us. Many softwares out there force you into to their own proprietary formats and limit you in your ability to change and grow into something new.

In order to be able to stay in control, we developed Novolix® as all-round solution for our company. We use it satisfy our own needs and that of our customers.


How is Novolix® used?

In addition to managing projects and tasks within a team, it also serves as a system for content management (CMS), for customer relationship management (CRM), as well as invoicing and accounting system. The goal is to combine all the data of your company in one place, to network and continue to keep control on your own servers.

It has been used for daily agency work for many years and has been continuously improved. An example of a satisfied company using Novolix® for daily work is Brilliant Voice. 

I'm interested, what now?

Did we catch your interest in Novolix®? Then please Contact us. We can then discuss, whether we can offer you what you need.

Novolix® is very much customized for specific unique needs, but we also try to open up the system step by step so it can be used as standard base for everyone. Many areas are already optimally adapted, others still need to be adapted.

During our ongoing developments, we can incorporate your suggestions and feedback directly into our product. As our customer, you will directly influence, how the software evolves. We are open to your ideas. We want to build long lasting relationships and create individual and reliable solutions.
Contact us.