Virtual Reality Studio Berlin

The VR Studio in Berlin is our playground for adults. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we develop revolutionary user interface concepts and experience new worlds unfolding before our eyes.

Our first project is a VR multiplayer game in which the task of the players is to remove virtual barriers by strategically placing exploding devices in order to set the opponent "checkmate".

There is still a lot of experimentation neccessary in Virtual Reality in order to find out the best way of doing things. We are currently developing solutions for:

  • Intuitive interaction with objects in the virtual world.
  • 3D shaders that respond to touch, including haptic feedback.
  • Stroboscope teleporting for fast movement over long distances without getting motion sick.
  • Multiplayer integration
  • Positional sound design and music


How far are you with the current project?

We currently only develop the game for a few hours a week in our free time, but have already been able to implement solutions for a large number of aspects to be mastered.

There is already a basic version of the game world, in which one can move freely as a player according to the laws that apply there and can travel long distances in the world with the help of our stroboscope teleporting mechanism.

The interaction of objects with the hands of the players is already possible. 3D shaders are used, which react dynamically to approaching it with your hands.

The project is intended as a multiplayer game.

We are currently working hard on character design, integrating hologram interfaces, integrating multiplayer functionality and music, as well as sound design.